Computer programming
Roblox scripting -- how to program a message for your workspace

Job: Senior Software QA Engineer at newspaper San Francisco Chronicle

Job: Web Designer at newspaper San Francisco Chronicle

Jobs at Online Computer Library Center

Lua book -- Beginning Lua Programming

Game programming with python, lua, and ruby

Squeak -- A quick trip to objectland (book)

Squeak: Learn programming with robots (book by Ducasse

Someone linked to on a Chinese website!

Lua book -- Game Development with Lua

Scratch programming -- absolutely not a dead end

如何教孩子计算机编程 (how to teach children computer programming) - page in Chinese

How teachers have used Alice

Alice programming (sample test at the end of an Alice course)

Alice newsletters (teaching programming with Alice) -- archives

Alice summer camps

Alice in Action book -- free code examples

Lego Mindstorms NXT Zoo! book for building Lego robots

Alice book -- by Tony Gaddis (best for teaching programming in a classroom)

Alice programming Summer Camp for middle school students in Michigan

Using Lego Mindstorms Robots to teach Java

Alice in Action book -- Computing through Animation

Greenfoot book -- Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot

Alice community college textbook, $24, by Herbert

Student resources about Artificial Intelligence

Alice book (very basic, $15) by Jose Garrido

Roblox scripting tutorials -- video

Success story -- 12 year old learning programming with Roblox

Roblox scripting tutorials -- how to program in Roblox

Roblox (using Roblox as an educational programming language)