excellent list of math contests

online math contest

List of math contests

Math competitions

Mathcamp 2009 qualifying quiz

Canada/USA MATHCAMP (highly selective; $3500)

USA Mathematical Talent Search

Online math classes for math competitions from AOPS (about $200 per class)

AMC 8 (math test) 2011 scores

Free website for printing your own math sheets

Buy books and other things good for children

Math Magic, a great book for getting your child interested in math

Pokemon Math -- Practice Multiplication!

13 year old begins graduate studies in math in China -- daily math questions, math worksheets

Code Breakers Book Level B (teaches logic and simple algebra)

How Math Works -- 100 hands on projects for learning about math

Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math

Pokemon Quiz 1, Question 3

Pokemon Math Quiz #1

Roblox (using Roblox as an educational programming language)

Free PC Software makes the Grand Old Strategy Games fun for 1-4 players

Action Fraction

List of 40 online math games at kaboose . com

rat - a - tat - CAT / math card game -- fun!