Squeak: Learn programming with robots (book by Ducasse
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Only if you want to learn Smalltalk. Get a Scratch book or Alice book instead

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title: Squeak: learn programming with robots
author: Stephane Ducasse
year: 2006
publisher: Apress
pages: 361

The squeak written about in this book is the squeak programming environment written in the computer programming language called Smalltalk.

the robots referred to in the book title are just black and white line squiggles that you move around the screen. Scratch and Alice, which have images that are in color, will be far more appealing to children.

At the end of the book, there is a 15-page chapter on etoy.

In general, we'd just recommend you use Scratch or Alice and get a Scratch or Alice book instead.

There are some special situations that would make sense for you to get this book.
1) You are using etoy (also called Squeakland) and you want a 15 page tutorial
2) You want to learn Small talk.

for the Scratch book

for Alice books

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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