Squeak -- A quick trip to objectland (book)
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Difficult to follow to due its novelistic style.

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title: Squeak -- a quick trip to objectland
authors: Gene Korienek, Tom Wrensch, and Doug Dechow
publisher: Addison-Wesley
year: 2002
pages: 305

I don't really recommend this book. It is written in an experimental style between 2 fictional people. Each page is divided into 2 columns. What person A says is on the left. What person B says is on the right. This wastes a lot of space and makes the book harder to skim. Also, there are a lot of extra words due to it being a conversation. For example, on page 65, "Ah, Jim, that's just the sort of question I'd hoped you would ask."

I think the attempt to write in a new and more interesting style than a typical programming book was a worthy effort. However, I think it failed. I recommend you get a regular book, such as the Apress book on Squeak,
unless you really enjoy this conversational style.

Also, despite the use of the word "objectland" in the title, this book does not particularly address etoys (squeakland) as far as I could tell. However, I did not spend much time with this book and I could have missed it.

I did not find the explanation of objects to be clear. If you want to learn about classes and objects, I'd recommend a book about Alice.


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