Scratch Video Tutorial Course 1 Lesson 5 contents: make the person say or think something
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Scratch Video Course #1 Lesson #5
Course#1.Lesson 5 - Speaking and Thinking

Lesson 5 - Speaking and Thinking

Objective: To learn how to make our sprites tell their ideas or think thoughts.

Tutorial: Speaking
Scratch Activity: Reproduce the actions in the tutorial. Experiment by writing your own ideas and thoughts.


Experiment by writing ideas and thoughts.
Experiment with two sprites speaking to each other.
Experiment by using key of the keyboard to control when they speak.
Experiment by adding sounds when the sprite speak.

Additional explanations
Tutorial: Speaking
*Length: 3 minutes long
Drag a say block from the Looks menu into the script area
Type what you want the sprite to say into the white space on the say block.
Use the think block from Looks menu if you want the sprite to think something.

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