SAT scores at MIT -- 25th and 75 percentile
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MIT-Reported SAT Scores For Freshmen
September 14, 2007

Source: MIT Institutional Research

In reporting rankings, U.S. News bases its recommendations for the next year on the previous year’s data. The “America’s Best Colleges 2008” list is based on data from 2007. All dates in this tables refer to the data, not the date U.S. News uses in advertising its ranks.

25thR means 25th percentile Reading
25thM means 25th percentile Math
75thR means 75th percentile Reading
75thM means 75th percentile Math

Year 25thR 25thM Sum 25thR 25thM Sum
2004 680 730 1410 760 800 1560
2005 680 730 1410 760 800 1560
2006 690 740 1430 770 800 1570
2007 660 720 1380 760 800 1560
"the drop in 2007 scores was due to MIT conforming to the rules for calculating average SAT scores
"The Wall Street Journal reports that for years now, MIT wasn't properly calculating the average freshmen SAT scores (reg.) used to determine U.S. News & World Report's influential annual rankings. In response to an inquiry made by The Tech regarding the school's recent drop in the rankings, MIT revealed that in past years it had excluded the test scores of foreign students as well as those who fared better on the ACT than the SAT, both violations of the U.S. News rules. MIT's reported first-quartile SAT verbal and math scores for the 2006 incoming class totaled 1380, a drop of 50 points from 2005."

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