Roblox (using Roblox as an educational programming language)
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Roblox is a programming environment where kids can built people and places out of Lego graphics. Each place then becomes a computer game. Kids and adults can play these games online with anyone else who is online then.

Roblox uses the programming language Lua.

It is possible for children to do some simple program editing in Roblox.

For example, they can look at the script for a weapon and make it more powerful.

Roblox is very fun for children, and very motivating for them in terms of learning how to program. They are more interested in programming Roblox than Alice or Greenfoot.

Here is a list of tutorials for programming Roblox.

So far I have not found a way to use Roblox to teach children programming beyond modifying simple properties.

Part of the problem is that the server hangs frequently.

However, here is a story of a 12 year old learning programming on Roblox without his dad even knowing about it!

As that author notes, Roblox can teach physics, mathematics, and engineering.

The Roblox world has its own currency (tickets and Roblox dollars). Kids can sell their graphics. Roblox becomes a place that also teaches business, including marketing.

To edit,
1) open Roblox Studio (not Roblox) from your Start button (Windows).
2) Wait for your place to load. Click "My Roblox"
3) Scroll to the right. You should see a button labeled "Edit" in addition to "Visit online" and "Build solo"
4) To insert a script, select a brick, click "Insert" on the Windows menu bar at the top, and pick "object."
5) Click on the "script" that showed up below your brick
6) Type in your script
7) Closing the window saves it.
8) Your script should now be running.

The Roblox wiki has a section that teaches Lua.

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The first tutorial for programming Roblox.
A 10-year-old can do this tutorial.

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Authored by Anonymous on Aug 23, 2008.

I saw your comment on my post about my son's use of ROBLOX, so I posted an article that provides an example of the EXPLOSIVE fun he's able to create within the ROBLOX world.

The post includes a snippet of Lua code that he wrote for placing bombs anywhere and detonating them remotely. Good fun, good fun.

The article is posted at:

Authored by guest on Apr 22, 2009.