Roblox scripting tutorials -- how to program in Roblox
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Most Roblox scripting tutorials are not helpful. They are for advanced programmers. However, a child can learn to modify a weapon.

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This page only lists text tutorials.
For video tutorials on programming roblox, go here.

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Listed below are the Roblox tutorials we looked at that are not video tutorials. In general, they are actually not very helpful. They tend to be pretty advanced, and not very useful for a beginner.

(But keep checking back. We plan to add more to this page.)
This tutorial is useful for learning how to open the editor.
However, you have to change the color of each brick one at a time!!
We didn't find the brick we changed the color of.

To edit,
1) open Roblox Studio (not Roblox) from your Start button (Windows).
2) Wait for your place to load. Click "My Roblox"
3) Scroll to the right. You should see a button labeled "Edit" in addition to "Visit online" and "Build solo"
4) To insert a script, select a brick, click "Insert" on the Windows menu bar at the top, and pick "object."
5) Click on the "script" that showed up below your brick
6) Type in your script
7) Closing the window saves it.
8) Your script should now be running.

This is the only tutorial we got working

This tutorial makes a door that will open and close.
might be empty

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