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Market Research Operations
» Research Analyst - Analyste de recherche / Chargé d'études Montréal - (Montreal)

P\S\L Group
» Data Quality Director - (New York City)

» Director - Account Development - (Toronto)

Medical Education and Communications - Operations
» Distribution Coordinator, Medical Education and Communications / Coordonnateur de la distribution, Formation et communications médicales - (Montreal)
» Project Director, Medical Education and Communications - Chef de projet, Enseignement médical et Communications (EMC) - (Montreal)

P\S\L Research
» Client Service Director - (New York)
» Director - (London)
» Executive Director / Vice-President - (New York)
» Research Executive / Senior Research Executive - (London)

Content Management and Publishing
» Copy Editor - Pharmaceutical News Service / Réviseur-rédacteur - Service des informations, milieu pharmaceutique - (Montreal)
» Senior Editor - News Service / Rédacteur principal – Service d'information ciblant le secteur pharmaceutique - (Montreal)

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