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These are the books that we recommend or have reviewed in terms of teaching programming to children. In addition to books, we've included a board game. The books are listed from high to low by the rating. Since computer programming is related to math, we are including some math books that we've found students to really enjoy.

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#Click on title below to read full review or to buy itUS$PictureRated
1Scratch Book: Scratch Programming for Teens20

A great book on scratch. Highly recommended85
2Alice book - Learning to Program with Alice -- book by Wanda Dann & Randy Pausch52

The best Alice book, written by the Alice team85
3Alice book -- by Tony Gaddis (best for teaching programming in a classroom)57

Best Alice book for a classroom84
4Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner -- making games with Python20

Very good book. Make a game in every chapter.83
5Java for Kids -- free 200 page eBook -- by respected Java developer0

Very well written, and it's free!68
6Alice community college textbook, $24, by Herbert24

A good choice for community colleges66
7Alice in Action book -- Computing through Animation23

Can be used as the textbook for a basic Alice course.65
8Alice book (very basic, $15) by Jose Garrido15

Only 60 pages long. Good if you want to save money.60
9Python book -- Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame24

An adult can learn game programming with this book, and then teach kids.59
10Lego Mindstorms NXT Zoo! book for building Lego robots16

build and program 9 animal robots55
11Lua book -- Game Development with Lua33

Good intro if you want to make games with Lua.55
12board game to teach computer programming (if- then loops)25

Learn if-then loops as you ski down the hill. We don't have a copy.55
13Squeak: Learn programming with robots (book by Ducasse33

Only if you want to learn Smalltalk. Get a Scratch book or Alice book instead50
14Lua book -- Beginning Lua Programming26

Learn Lua for game scripting if you already know how to program46
15Squeak -- A quick trip to objectland (book)40

Difficult to follow to due its novelistic style.45
16Game programming with python, lua, and ruby17

not recommended unless you already know one of these languages45
17Greenfoot book -- Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot94
This book is available for pre-order. It is the only Greenfoot book.

And some really terrific books for getting children interested in math

#Click on title below to read full review or to buy itUS$PictureRated
1Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math11

85Everyone I recommend this book to loves it.
2Math Magic, a great book for getting your child interested in math11

84Do math magic tricks; your teachers will be stunned & stumped!
3How Math Works -- 100 hands on projects for learning about math16

75Excellent book. Make a computer! Make a musical instrument!
4Code Breakers Book Level B (teaches logic and simple algebra)13

75Using this, even young kids love to do algebra |

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