Programming with Alice -- what the different parts of the screen do
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The Alice window has 2 modes: programming, and drawing.

When you open Alice, it is in the programming mode. The big yellow rectangle in the lower right corner is where you do your programming.

The commands you can use are in the lower left corner. To see the commands, you have to click the Methods tab. (Think of methods as commands.)

Drag and drop commands from the lower left panel into the yellow rectangle.

The upper left corner has all the objects. Objects can follow commands. Click on an object to see what commands it has. (The commands will show up in the lower left panel.)

You don't really draw in Alice. You load in images they drew for you.

To switch to drawing mode, look at the small picture of the world (grass by default when you start). To the right of it is a button called "add objects." Click on it.

At the bottom of the screen you will see names of Galleries.
For example, one gallery has "Animals".
Click on the "Animals" gallery.
Now you will see pictures of animals.
Click on the picture of an animal to add it to your world.

Pictures in a gallery are in alphabetical order.

When you are done adding pictures to your world, click on the "Done" button to the right of your world.

Now you can go to programming mode and make the things do different actions.

When you are done programming, click on the Play button near the top of the screen.

"Play" will carry out your commands one by one.

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