Free (applies to items that often cost money)
Games in the Greenfoot Gallery -- Pacman

Play Pokemon game online for free

programming Alice -- Lesson 1 -- alien robot teaches kid robot trick

Spelling Bee game and Chicktionary game at Microsoft's

Armagetron Advanced

Squeakland in Chinese email list

Geography game -- drag that country or state to where it goes on the map

Who am I? rock game -- name that rock. 15 questions.

Science fair project ideas -- (8 million users)

free online games about nutrition at

Free PC Software makes the Grand Old Strategy Games fun for 1-4 players

Action Fraction

List of 40 online math games at kaboose . com

Amelia Bedelia Games online -- free, no registration required

Roblox scripting chronicles tutorial

Make a game with Pygame -- beginners tutorial -- Python

Using Alice to teach programming to middle school girls -- Alice for story telling

Bill Kerr's list of best resources for teaching computer programming with scratch

Teaching children how to program computers -- comparing squeak (etoy) and scratch

10 homework assignments in scratch for elementary school -- from Nebo

Teaching scratch programming to 6 year olds

New to scratch?'s page that lists resources for teaching scratch

Dan Hawk's scratch lessons

Professor David Malan at Harvard explains computer programming with scratch

basic scratch computer programming tutorial -- shark eat fish game -- video tutorials for programming scratch (

Bloxorz - fun online game for kids