Math Magic, a great book for getting your child interested in math

Evolving Planet -- four billion years of life on earth (book)

The right (musical) instrument for your child -- book

Lua book -- Beginning Lua Programming

Game programming with python, lua, and ruby

3 toy and videos to teach your child the sound for each letter in the alphabet

edhelper.com -- daily math questions, math worksheets

Code Breakers Book Level B (teaches logic and simple algebra)

Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math

book about Oceans

Alice community college textbook, $24, by Herbert

Alice book (very basic, $15) by Jose Garrido

Java for Kids tutorial software ($20, free trial)

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner -- making games with Python

Conga -- guess something about me game from Cranium

Barry Polisar's funny song -- these are not my children

board game to teach computer programming (if- then loops)

Python book -- Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame

Scratch Book: Scratch Programming for Teens

Gift Trap game -- fun!!! Best Party Game of 2008 Award

Mars mission

the dumb bunnies book -- very funny for kids in first grade!