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The jobs website lists more than 30 jobs posted since July 1st. A lot of the jobs are in Virginia.

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2008/07/31 Director, Corporate Partnerships 3599 Development Office
2008/07/31 Producer, Content (Ashburn, VA) 3598 Producers JASON Project
2008/07/30 Manager, On-line Content Production and Distribution 3597 NG Channels International
2008/07/30 Account Manager (NG Kids) 3596 ADV/SLS Advertising - NG Kids
2008/07/29 Senior Administrative Assistant 3595 Administrative Int'l Licensing & Alliances
2008/07/29 Manager, Audit 3455 General Audit & Advisory Services
2008/07/29 Internship, Academic Marketing 3592 NG Television
2008/07/29 Internship Academic, Editorial (Glimpse) 3586 General Glimpse
2008/07/29 Analyst, Sr. Marketing 3473 Marketing Marketing Services
2008/07/28 Specialist, New Group Business 3594 General Consumer & Member Marketing

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