MIT-sponsored free science summer camp for high school juniors and seniors (RSI)
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free science summer camp sponsored by MIT

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RSI, short for Research Science Institute, is a science research summer program sponsored by MIT. It is extremely selective, and is free for the students chosen.

The goal of RSI to identify promising mathematicians and scientists of the future and nurture their scientific abilities. It is six weeks long, and alternates between MIT and Caltech. Students attend college-level classes are taught by distinguished professors. The program provides free tuition, room, and board, but students pay their own travel to and from the program. About 75-80 students are chosen each year. The application deadline is in February. Admissions decisions are made at the end of March. Alumni of the program can network with other alumni through the free alumni database.

RSI alumni do very well in university admissions, and you will find many RSI alumni at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Caltech.

Like colleges, RSI does not release the names of people who are admitted. They think of themselves as a school, not an award. It is easy to look up the winners of major high school science competitions (the Siemens, and the Intel) to see what projects they worked on. However, RSI does not release any such information.

In 2006 a pilot program was held in China at Fudan University. However, the funding was not continued and this program ended. If you or your institution is interested in donating $500,000 a year to keep this program going, please contact the President of Development at RSI!

RSI would like to publicize their program more. If you are a teacher or guidance counselor at a school, please feel free to contact RSI for a flyer.

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