Making a Rock, Paper, Scissors game with Scratch
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Earlier this year - my students built an interactive Rock Paper Scissor game. One of my B student kids built his with clickable interface (GUI) He also put the blocks together like this for scoring - Assuming Rock =1 paper = 2 and Scissors = 3 if playerchoice =1 AND compchoice=3 OR playerchoice =2 AND compchoice = 1 OR playerchoice = 3 AND compchoice=2 increase playerscore by 1 ELSE if playerchoice=1 AND compchoice = 2 OR playerchoice =2 and compchoice = 2 OR playerchoice = 3 AND compchoice=1 increase compscore by 1 He coded that after watching me do simpler conditional if playerchoice =1 AND compchoice = 3 increase playerscore by 1 I am in a small rural school with near 50% minority students. We have had success as I have taken teams of every grade - gender and minority group to compete and place in CS State level contests. This past year my first ever student to take the AB just scored a 5.

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