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LOGO is a programming language developed at the MIT labs in the late-60's, and its main purpose is to make a programming language for children. LOGO has its own syntax and semantics, but what really makes it fun for kids is its Graphical Environment.

LOGO has a "programmable" cursor that draws on the screen whatever you programmed it to do. That cursor is known as the turtle.
With the turtle you can make animation, draw houses, cars, or any of the primitive geometrical figures.

Long description

For example:
To make the turtle go forward 10 pixels you would give the command:
FD 10

To make the turtle go backwards 120 pixels:
BK 120

To turn turn right or left on a 90 degree angle:
RT 90
LT 90

To make a simple arc or circle use the command arc and the degrees of the circumference and the radius.
ARC 360 120

To set the color of the background and of the drawing of the turtle:
SETBG Color# - (The color number varies from system to system)
SETPC Color# - (It sets the color of the turtle's drawing)

To clean (=clear) the screen:

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