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(Teacher Diane Butler provided this information to the Middle-L listserve)

I have been preparing for a presentation at our local area council of mathematics meeting by collecting information about math contests, competitions and clubs for any and all grades 2-12. Several people in the newsgroup have asked for the info I have gathered. Here is my list so far... some may be better suited for different size schools, different groups of students, or financial situations. I think any of them could be used creatively to enrich any classroom situation. There are a few additional subjects mentioned in the list. I would appreciate any info on additional competitions or contests that your students may have participated in--math or otherwise...

Mathematics Contests, Competitions and Clubs

1) Continental Mathematics League (CML)
P.O. Box 2196; St. James, New York 11780-0605 (ph: 516-584-2016)
Grade Levels: (2,3) 4,5, 6,7,8,9 HS
($65-1st team + $55 each additional team)
(Other olympiads for each Grade 2-12 in language arts, geography, social
studies,science, current events)

2) National Mathematics League (NML)
Box 9459; Coral Springs, FL 33075 (ph: 954-344-8980)
6th, pre-alg 7/8, Alg I, Geom, Alg II, Pre-Calc, Calc
5 contests ($55-- 1st division + $40 each additional division)

3) SIGMA Junior High Mathematics League (SIGMA)
5100 Normal Blvd.; Lincoln, NE 68506; (ph: 402-489-8376)
5 contests (non-routine problem solving)
6th, 7, 8, 9th grade ($50 per school for any 3 grades)

4) American Junior High School Mathematics Examination (AJHSME)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln; P.O. Box 81606; Lincoln, NE 68501-1606
(ph: 1-800-527-3690 FAX:402-472-6087) internet: WALTER @AMC.UNL.EDU
DATE: Thursday, Nov. 21, 1996 ( registration fee =$15. Plus $8 /
every 10 exams)

5) Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools
2154 Bellmore Avenue; Bellmore, NY 11710-5645
Phone (516) 781-2400 FAX:(516) 785-6640
(for Gr. 4-6) 5 monthly contests--5 problems each.
($75 registration +$28 contest problem practice book)

6) American Scholastic Mathematics Association
P.O. Box 4400; College Point, New York 11356-4400
(FAX: 718-747-0099 e-mail:
web site at
6 contests on Thursdays ( Gr 7-9 or gr 9-12) 7 problems each
($65 registration + $35 for '90-'95 practice tests)

7) MATHCOUNTS (7th and 8th grade only)
School, Regional, State and National team and individual math competitions
$40--practice materials and school registration (1-800-580-8973)

8) "Mathematics Pentathlon"
Pentathlon Institute, Inc.; P.O. Box 20590; Indianapolis, IN 46220
(ph: 317-356-6284) Divisions for K-8th Games & Tournaments

9) Chi Alpha Mu National Junior Mathematics Club
Jane Hammontree; XAM Secretary; Tulsa Junior College;
3727 E. Apache;Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115 (ph: 1-918-631-7481)
( $20 club dues; $2 individual membership dues)
(This may be like the middle school affiliate to the national MU ALPHA
THETA High School Mathematics Club?)

Oklahoma University; 601 Elm Ave., Rm. 423; Norman, OK 73019
National High School Math Club

11) University Interscholastic League (UIL--Texas only)
Number Sense, Calculator and Mathematics competition
Texas Math & Science Coaches Association
Jo Kesner, Box 1485; Breckenridge, Texas 76424-1485
(newsgroup Q & A: ($20 TMSCA membership fee.
Most local contests have an individual entry fee of $3 or $4 per
contest.) TMSCA sponsors regional and local math contests such as
Number Sense and Calculator using UIL rules for both public and private
schools. These contests are held on Saturdays around the state.

Dan Flegler, Director/ Phone: (201)568-6328 / FAX: 201-816-0125
P.O. Box 720, Tenafly, N.J 97670
individual state competitions:
TEXAS State Mathematics League (TXML)
P.O. Box 680682; Houston, Texas 77268
phone: (201) 568-6328 FAX: 201-816-0125
Grade 4,5,6,7,8,Alg ($25 each)-- 1 day state competition in own school
in spring
HS Contests $65 for 6 monthly contests (Vol. I,II,III of past contests
$12.95 each)

I would be very interested in hearing how different teachers use the
practice materials and contests in there classrooms!

Diane Elaine Butler
Coordinator of Middle School Mathematics
St. Stephen's Episcopal School ph: 512-327-1213 ext.6035
P.O.Box 1868 FAX: 512-327-6771
Austin, Texas78767

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Authored by guest on Apr 03, 2009.

Here's a site listing several hundres math contests, both national and regional ones at local colleges, etc:

Contests are open to everybody, not just homeschoolers.