Lego star wars
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Lego star wars.

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You can get different packs which have legos and instructions that make somethings in star wars. You can buy a star destroyer, AT-ST, AT-AT, clone star fighter, General Grievous, and other cool lego things..If you like star wars, this is for you.

They are fun to put together and play with.

At stores like target, toys R us, and stores like that.

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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Authored by kidslikeinfo on Jul 07, 2008.

Authored by kidslikeinfo on Jul 07, 2008.

Authored by kidslike.editor on Jul 09, 2008.

I have the Star Destroyer. It is really good. It has Darth Vader, two imperial red guards, R2-D5, Grand Moff Tarkin, an imperial officer, two storm troopers, and a mouse droid. There is an escape pod you can launch. Darth Vader has his mask changing chamber. There is a hologram of Darth Sidious. You put the imperial officer and Grand Moff Tarkin in a secret place in the top of the Star Destroyer. Even Darth Vader's light saber has a special compartment. The Star Destroyer is one of the best lego star wars packs you can get.