learnscratch.org -- video tutorials for programming scratch (scratch.mit.edu)

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This is made by the same team based at MIT that made scratch. Has more than 40 video tutorials

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Teaches about scratch, the program that teaches computer programming to kids from scratch.mit.edu.

*. http://learnscratch.org

Go to the home page. On the right you will see the word "HOME". Below that are the links to the 3 sections of video tutorials.

The first section of video tutorials is called "Overview" and contains 12 video tutorials covering the following 12 topics.

1. Start Moving
2. Add a Sound
3. Start a Dance
4. Again and Again
5. The Green Flag
6. Change Color
7. Pressing Keys
8. Create a Sprite
9. Speaking
10. Image Effects
11. Add Audio
12. Animation

There is a second section called "Step by Step" which has 40 video tutorials covering these 8 sections. (The first time I clicked it I got a "Page Not Found" error but it found the page when I tried again a few seconds later.

1. Motion
2. Looks
3. Sound
4. Pen
5. Control
6. Sensing
7. Numbers
8. Variables

The third section is called "Scratch Projects" and contains video tutorials that explain how to make a specific kind of project with Scratch. Here are the types of projects that it teaches about.
1. Animation
2. Drawing
3. Games
4. Interactive Art
5. Math
6. Music
7. Simulation

I think it would be useful to have more text tutorials, rather than just video tutorials.

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Authored by parenting.is.fun on Jul 16, 2008.

Here are some more video tutorials made by elementary school children. I haven't watched them.