learning Chinese -- free Chinese Character Writing Exercise Sheets
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These are excellent, free workbooks.

Volume one has 47 pages.

Each line has one character, and 10 blank squares to practice writing it.

Both traditional and simplified forms are provided.

Note that this workbook accompanies a textbook. No pin-yin or English translation is provided.

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Authored by guest on Mar 19, 2009.

Another site, called Arch Chinese (http://www.archchinese.com), provides stroke order animations for all the simplified Chinese characters and about 7,000 traditional characters. Best of all, the users can generate character writing worksheets with stroke sequences, English and Pinyin for individual characters. They are excellent for kids to learn how to write Chinese characters. It also has character decomposition, flashcards, Pinyin table, search by radicals or character components, etc.

Authored by Chinese.parent on Mar 27, 2009.

Dear guest,
That's a wonderful site! Thank you for much for your comment.