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This one page pdf used at Brown University only explains what Alice is and how to start the tutorial that comes with Alice.

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Alice Tutorial

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Alice Tutorial

This lab will run from 3‐6pm. TAs will be around for any questions or problems you have.


Alice is a program designed for middle school through college courses to give a fun and visual overview of object‐
oriented programming in Java

by letting you create interesting 3D multi-media experiences (virtual worlds) almost

. With simple drag‐and‐drop actions, you can animate different objects in different worlds while learning how
Java works. This program will be focusing on the relationship that programmed objects have with other programmed
objects—for instance, in object hierarchy, the “ice skater” object inherits the properties of the “person” object (because
at the most basic level, an ice skater is a person and therefore can do all the things a person can do). [We’ll be learning
much more about inheritance later in lecture.]
As you will notice, there are many objects and methods (the capabilities of objects) that are already made for you in
Alice libraries. All you have to do is drag‐and‐drop them into the program mainline area. For instance, if you wanted to
define your own “dance” method for a “skater” object, you could drag and drop a combination of “jump” and “spin”
methods that are already made for the “skater” object. This brings across the idea of “utilizing support code”. In fact,
the idea of using existing code in a program of your own is quite common—starting with the first CSCI0150 assignment,
you’ll be utilizing support code already written for you by the TAs! With this lab, we hope you will begin to better
understand the “bigger picture” of object‐oriented programming. Alice is an excellent tool for visualizing simple Java
programming—experiment with it and have fun!


1. Go to “Start”‐>”All Programs”‐>”Alice” and run the “Alice” program.
2. Go to “Edit”‐>”Preferences”. In the “General” tab, click on “display my program: Java Style in Color”. Then
click “OK”. (Click “OK” again when it prompts you to close Alice.)
3. To load the style, you’ll need to restart Alice. So close it, and again, go to “Start”‐>”All Programs”‐>”Alice” and
run the “Alice” program.
4. Alice should now be in Java mode. Click on “Start the Tutorial”.
5. Complete the first tutorial to get a feel for how Alice works. Go through the other tutorials at your leisure.
When you feel comfortable with Alice, feel free to create worlds of your own!

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