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There is no way to skip a step within a lesson. (You can use the up arrow to avoid retyping the last command.)

I couldn't get copy and paste to work. So it took a lot of typing.

Help 2 to skip to lesson 2 did not work. While I was doing lesson 5, something went wrong and it sent me back to the beginning.

It's a shame the author does not provide this as a pdf that can be printed out.

Lesson #1
you learn to do arithmetic with + - * /
you learn to reverse a string
you learn the difference between a string and a number

Lesson #2
You learn the methods
to_s convert to string
to_i convert to integer
to_a convert to array
you learn to set a variable
ticket = [12, 47, 35]
you learn to sort a variable

The ! mark changes the variable forever

Lesson #3
print poem.to_a.reverse.join
here the author links to a list of all ruby string methods

Now Arriving at Summary #4

Blocks are always attached to methods. Like the times method, which takes the block and runs the code over and over. (In this case: five times.)

This last lesson was a bit longer. You've probably used up three minutes learning about:

* Hashes. The little dictionary with the curly pages: {}.
* Symbols. Tiny, efficient code words with a colon: :splendid.
* Blocks. Chunks of code which can be tacked on to many of Ruby's methods. Here's the code you used to build a scorecard:
books.values.each { |rate| ratings[rate] += 1 }.

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Authored by ruby on Jul 30, 2008.
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I don't know if it's down. It's not working right now.