International Biology Olympiad 2008 -- gold medal winners
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1 Tae Young Choi Korea
2 Yayun Dong China
3 Jonathan Liang USA
4 Byung Woo Yoo Korea
5 Yifei Men Singapore
6 Yung-Tsai Chu Chinese Taipei
7 Thai Le Tran Germany
8 Tzu-Yang Chen Chinese Taipei
9 Thana Thongsricome Thailand
10 Jonathan Marwick Australia
11 Atiporn Therdyothin Thailand
12 Artsiom Marhunou Belarus
13 Haocheng Lu China
14 Ruby Kwong Australia
15 Weirong, Joshua Sng Singapore
16 Shih-Shiuan Kao Chinese Taipei
17 David Huang USA
18 Jung Sunwoo Korea
19 Seungsoo Kim USA
20 Chaow Charoenkitkajorn Thailand
21 Jonathan Gootenberg USA
22 Subhrashis Guha Niyogi India
23 Hsu-Hang Yeh Chinese Taipei

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