Greenfoot Greenroom tutorial -- making rockets fire (game is called Gravitron)
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Greenfoot Greenroom collects Greenfoot tutorials

Gravitron is the second one listed
You learn to fire a rocket

Here below we've copied and pasted in the description of this tutorial. The description is written by mjrb4, as far as I know.

Stage Summary

Stage 1 – Playing around

This stage has no actual coding in it, rather its purpose is to familiarise the user with Greenfoot and with the scenario.

Stage 2 – Assigning Keys

This stage is where the user starts to code. The guide takes the user step by step through adding the first block of code which assigns the different keys to the rocket depending on the player.

Stage 3 – Getting the rocket to move, fire and rotate

This stage progressively requires the user to think more and more for themselves, leading up to rotation, where they write the code independently with just a few pointers.

Stage 4 – Testing and adding more levels

Now the main bulk of the coding is complete, the user is shown the code that creates the different levels, and they are encouraged to write another level on their own. They are then encouraged to play the game to test it all works properly.

Stage 5 – Adding new bits

This stage encourages the user to think for themselves about what else they could change around or implement. A few hints and guidelines are given – none of these suggestions are implemented in the sample completed version.

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Authored by guest on Dec 19, 2008.

Is this meant to be on here seperately? It's just a summary of the same Graviton worksheet that's listed in full elsewhere, both the worksheet and this summary are available on the greenroom.


Authored by editor on Dec 20, 2008.

Hi mjrb4,
The summary is published on this page so that users who are searching this site for something like "assigning keys Greenfoot" can find out that the Graviton tutorial teaches that. If you would prefer, we can remove this and just write a description of the tutorial.

In case it was not clear to the user, I edited the post to make it clear that you are the author of the text quoted.

Authored by guest on Dec 20, 2008.

Ah, fair enough. It's fine, I just wanted to check it wasn't a mistake!


Authored by editor on Dec 21, 2008.

Great. Thanks.