Free PC Software makes the Grand Old Strategy Games fun for 1-4 players
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To quote the old Hindi proverb "Chess is a deep pool where an elephant may drown but a mosquito may take a bath." Can kids today appreciate the depth of Chess and Bridge without getting bogged down in the complexity of these grand old strategy games? I think so, thanks to engaging (and free) PC software which preserves the richness of Chess and Bridge while making these games accessible.

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My favorite computer bridge program: wbridge5 with bridge monitor ( lets you play good bridge with 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. Note that the web site is in French, so you'll need to use Google translate on the web link (unless you speak French!)

My favorite chess program: DoubleChessBoard ( also lets you play chess with 1, 2, 3 or 4 human players. Wait a minute - chess with 4 players? This is actually the four-player version of chess, also called "bughouse" in German, which is the only chess variant popular among serious players of regular chess.

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wbridge5 is as much of a challenge as you want to make of it, since all the game stats are displayed on the screen. wbridge5 plays the game well, in fact it has beaten commercial bridge programs to win the world championship in computer bridge. It's also a fun game for 1-4 casual players; if you don't have 4 players the computer will play the vacant seats.

DoubleChessBoard is another fun, challenging game for 1-4 players. Four person chess is more social and unpredictable than the regular two-person game. It's also not a big ego contest because you can always blame your partner if things go wrong :),

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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