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Giving it all up - a mid life crisis family gap year
The Cohen Family

At home in California, David Elliot Cohen was experiencing the first signs of a mid life crisis. He felt a family adventure could prevent a full scale melt down. "I decided the only way to truly purify my life and reclaim my old spirit was to sell our house, close down the business, liquefy our possessions, and take off around the world for an indeterminate length of time. Now there was just the small matter of telling my wife." Armed with round the world tickets and the takings from their lifestyle garage sale, Cohen and his wife Devi set off with their three children, Willie (7), Kara (8) and Lucas (2) on a year long journey across the world.

Their 13 month, fifty thousand mile tour zig- zagged across five continents; from California to Laos, via Costa Rica, Europe, South Africa, India, Australia, and Cambodia. Their journey, a family version of a gap year, encompassed hotels, restaurants, sightseeing tours and a travelling nanny. Broken bones, erupting volcanoes and lost children provided challenges that forged intense, and positive relations between the children and their parents. And, at a price tag of a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, it was still worth the expense, risk and aggravation: "Would we do it again, if we could? Would we toss sleeplessly in fleabag hotels, eat disgusting food, wear dirty clothes for a week, get sick from Indian air pollution, suffer long, crowded flights, listen to children whine and cry all day before collapsing exhausted into bed? In a heartbeat."

Their adventuring led to some important reappraisals of family life including downsizing and closing their business. Devi now competes across the western United States in mountain bike triathlons, while her husband spends more time with his children. And the midlife crisis is a distant memory "It may be that I've made the necessary transition from young adulthood to middle age and that journey was my rite of passage. Now it's out of my system, I've calmed down considerably."

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