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Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online
Bill Nye the Science Guy makes learning about science fun, and shows you neat science experiments you can try at home.
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen
Volcanoes! Crystals! Dancing Raisins?! Use stuff from around the house to try experiments which are fun and can teach you about science. Be sure to ask for help from an adult!
Build a Solar System
This site will help you build your own accureately scaled model of our solar system.
Earthquake Science Fair Project Ideas
Interesting ideas for science projects about how and why the Earth moves and shakes under our feet.
Edible and Inedible Experiments
Would you like to learn how to build your own volcano or how to make a battery out of food? Find lots of "tasty" as well as "not so tasty" experiments at this site. Some of the experiments should be done with the assistance of an adult.
Electronics for Kids
Did you ever wonder about how electricity works? Here are some science experiments dealing with electricity. Ask adults for help.
Exploratorium Science Snacks
Contains 107 small experiements that can be performed at home. Material lists, instructions, science history and explanations included. Experiements range from Anti-Gravity to Tornados. Although designed for 6th-9th graders, all ages can participate.
From Idea to Exhibit
This site gives guidelines on how to take a science project from an idea to the final stages. It gives good tips and general instructions on how to have a successful science project.
Healthy Teeth
Learn all about "Teeth and Gums," "Prevention," "Cavities" and "Braces." This site also includes "Experiments and Activities" to try out, including the "Acid Attack!"
Kid's Science Projects
From the Science Hobbyist, this site contains a wealth of science projects submitted by students like you! Divided into simple, medium and advanced projects.
Living Things
Collaborative study of living things that includes modules on the individual, families, neighborhood and the circle of life. Sections for both student and teachers.
Mad Sci Network
"Do fish sleep? Do they close their eyes when they sleep?" Ask a scientist at the Mad Science Network science-related questions like these.
Make an Electric Potato!
Instructions for making a potato battery.
Make it solar; Science Fair Titles
Make it Solar is devoted to providing information for science fair projects is especially useful for solar energy projects. They offer engaging pages and links for "the scientific method, poster board layouts, research, ideas, experiments and planning"
Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Would you like to know more about UFO's, dinosaurs, Stonehenge, and other puzzling subjects? Visit this virtual museum for information about odd and not-so-odd topics such as the seven wonders of the ancient world, lost worlds, and weird explorations. You can even get some ideas for science experiments by visiting the mad scientist's laboratory.
National Student Research Center
Read the E-Journal of Student Research, where students K-12 can submit a write-up to an experiment that they have done. There is a list of recommended web sites for student experiments. Also, read information on NSRC's vision, teaching philosophy, mission, and instructional approach.
NIEHS Kids Page--Getting Your Own Lab Coat
Would you like to learn what it's like to be a wetland ecologist or a lung doctor? Find out about science careers and get some help with science projects, too.
PBS TeacherSource: Science
PBS has assembled an excellent collection of resources for K-12 teachers.
There is a monthly spotlight subject, plus links and lesson plans.
Physics Van
Watch physics demonstrations by students at the University of Illinois as they show "science as fun and worthwhile for people who wonder about why the world acts the way it does".
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Want to have some fun with science? Get a parent to help you, and you can do some cool experiments with Reeko the Mad Scientist.
Science Buddies
On this site, you can find out about the steps in a project, ask questions, choose a topic, or see examples of other people's projects. There is also a section for parents and teachers.
The Science Club
"Since 1987, The Science Club has been bringing science to life for over one million elementary school children, teachers, and parents." This page contains instructions for doing easy, medium, and advanced projects and experiments, as well as suggested reading lists.
Science Experiment: The Nose Knows!
Explore the relationship between smell and taste in this simple experiment you can try with a friend.
The Science Explorer: Exploratorium-At-Home Books
Learn all about the world around you using science experiments! This site shows you how to make your own sun clock, how to make a rainbow by using a CD, and how to make your own periscope. Great for teachers and kids.
Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Check out these Web sites that show you how to do a science fair project and give you some cool ideas you may not have thought about.
Science Fair Studio
"If you're a student ready to venture beyond the Styrofoam ball solar system into the world of real scientific investigation, you've come to the right place. We've also got plenty of help for teachers in need of coordinating advice and parents who want to help their children."
Seeds of Change Garden
"For each season of the year, you'll find some great activities to explore, and the resources to complete them. " Also included are some great recipes.
Simple Electric Motor
This site contains directions for an "easy-to-build and inexpensive electric motor." It also includes technical information, troubleshooting, and other experiments you can do once you have built your electric motor.
The Thinking Fountain
Perform cool science experiments! Learn how to make your own paper, build a spaghetti structure, grow mold on bread (yuck), create a *square* bubble--and lots more!
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Education Center
The Army Corps of Engineers Education Center has plenty for teachers and kids! Online educational games give teachers fun activities to go along with lessons and educate their students while teaching them. The Science & Engineering Room in the Young Engineers’ Club has instructions for science fair projects in several different areas.
Weather Wiz
This website is all about the weather! Learn about hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes and all sorts of different kinds of weather. Find weather games, jokes, words, flashcards, stories and weather experiments.

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