Differences between programming Scratch and Alice
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Scratch was designed for elementary school children
Alice was designed for middle school students. It is widely used in college courses.

Alice teaches functions
Scratch does not

Alice is three-dimensional
Scratch is two-dimensional

On your first day with Alice, you can plug in a microphone and make your own custom sounds.
In Scratch ?

Alice comes with hundreds of pre-made images. You can instantly make an animation that looks almost professional.
Scratch has a few premade images.

Alice has a re-size command that is great fun for kids as creatures get giant or shrink at will.
Scratch's re-size command requires you to get the proportions right.

you can upload scratch games to scratch.mit.edu and play them with other people
with Alice you can't

in Scratch you can make your own images
in Alice you can't

The Scratch forums are very active. Popular threads are sticky.
Alice forums are not very active. No sticky threads.

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Authored by guest on Aug 07, 2008.

since Alice is 3-dimensional, it can be hard to make a pong game with Alice.
Here is a good thread.