Dick Baldwin's tutorial for programming Greenfoot
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I havne't tried it yet, but it looks like a good tutorial.
Here is the table of contents for the tutorial.
* Preface
o What is Greenfoot?
o Viewing tip
+ Figures
+ Listings
o Supplementary material
* A simple Greenfoot scenario
o The stage and the actors
o The classes named World and Actor
o The class definition code
o Convenience features
* The target audience
o Greenfoot makes learning fun
o Speaking of the web
o Greenfoot, Scratch, Alice, and BlueJ
+ Social networking for nerds
+ Scratch is not a serious programming language
+ What about Alice?
+ Where does Greenfoot fit in the mix?
* The export dialog
* Run the program
* Summary
* Resources
* Historical information about Greenfoot
* Copyright
* About the author

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