(Amazon) is hiring a web designer and a Java programmer
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2 jobs listings on Sep. 22, 2008

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Web Designer
Location: Scotts Valley, California
Job Code: 080221FD
# of openings: 1

Job Summary:

You’re the master of front-end presentation and coding. Not only do you have superb grasp of space, color, typography and imagery; you also produce clean, well formatted, commented code that renders the same regardless of browser. You have a demonstrated ability to meet and exceed client expectations with gorgeous design that converts produced with best-in class XHTML/CSS. You’re no stranger to JavaScript/AJAX to make web applications come to life. The internet is your canvas and you create friendly, classy, dynamic and compelling work.

Primary Responsibilities:

* Use design software to create mockups and html prototypes for new features
* Build/Code static and dynamic pages from these mockups and additional specifications
* Design and produce optimized, web-ready graphics
* Create and manage CSS styles and CSS frameworks
* Ensure customer-facing new features meet style requirements

* Create code for front-end behaviors with Dynamic HTML
* Cross-browser test and troubleshoot site presentation
* Optimize pages to be read by both humans and search-engine spiders by using clear, symantic markup

Knowledge and Experience Required:

* 4+ years of experience years experience in front-end web development
* Exceptional pixel-perfect graphic design and typography
* Browser rendering and cross-browser knowledge
* Advanced knowledge of image processing and web optimization
* Building for Search Engine Optimization
* Experience working with CVS or other concurrent versioning software

Skills and Abilities Required:

* Expert with a major design application (Fireworks or Photoshop)
* Expert XHTML/CSS for cross-browser rendering
* JavaScript to add behaviors to otherwise static pages
* Extraordinary attention to detail
* Semantic coding with CSS/XHTML a plus
* Working with/around dynamic code (Java JSP, PHP) a plus
* Multi-task in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment

They are also hiring a Java software engineer.;jsessionid=C2D4C9...
Software Development Engineer
Location: Scotts Valley, California
Job Code: 080808SDE
# of openings: 1
Job Description

CreateSpace, one of the, Inc. group of companies, seeks a highly skilled and motivated software engineer to work in its Scotts Valley, CA, development offices. The Scotts Valley team develops and maintains software to:

1. Control on-demand robotic manufacturing of DVDs, CDs and other media.

2. Automate the creation of DVD and other disc images, including processing and editing of original tapes, generation of sophisticated cover and disc face artwork, and reorganizing media into varied disc formats.

3. Manage a petabyte-class, high-availability storage network

4. Create and maintain web-based systems for managing media-related workflow

Development is almost exclusively in Java, with some objective-C and C, and spans Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

CreateSpace runs an intense, high-caliber year-round internship program, hiring the finest young developers from University of California, Santa Cruz. Each fulltime software engineer on the development team is a team lead, mentoring and managing several of these highly promising interns, as well directly designing, building and maintaining features.

Job Qualifications

Successful candidates must have the following:

1. Exceptional software design and development skills distinguished by industry-leading technical ability.

2. Ability and strong interest in mentoring and developing equally talented but less-experienced junior developers.

3. Two or more years industrial software development experience with a record of successful delivery.

4. Understanding of and appreciation for the larger business and its customers, and a focus on making software meet the needs of the business.

The following additional qualifications are highly desired:

1. Excellent communication skills, including first-rate writing ability.

2. Java development experience.

3. Experience with agile development methods.

4. Experience with highly scalable systems.

5. Experience with media-related software development

Job Location

Scotts Valley is a small mountain community in redwood forests about 10 minutes inland from the coastal city of Santa Cruz and 30 minutes south of San Jose and the Silicon Valley. The University of California Santa Cruz is also minutes away.

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