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Here are some books and games that we recommend. They are books and games that are both educational and fun. They are ordered by their Library of Congress category.
1Chinese bookstores
2Gift Trap game -- fun!!! Best Party Game of 2008 Award30

3Conga -- guess something about me game from Cranium10

4Barry Polisar's funny song -- these are not my children

5One year off -- traveling around the world with 3 small children! (a true, witty travel book) | | 10

6Children's books about Bill Gates8

7The right (musical) instrument for your child -- book20

8the dumb bunnies book -- very funny for kids in first grade!10 -- read hundreds of children's books online for free0
103 toy and videos to teach your child the sound for each letter in the alphabet

11Math Magic, a great book for getting your child interested in math11

12board game to teach computer programming (if- then loops)25

13Alice book - Learning to Program with Alice -- book by Wanda Dann & Randy Pausch52

14Alice book (very basic, $15) by Jose Garrido15

15Alice community college textbook, $24, by Herbert24

16Alice in Action book -- Computing through Animation23

17Alice book -- by Tony Gaddis (best for teaching programming in a classroom)57

18Greenfoot book -- Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot94
19Scratch Book: Scratch Programming for Teens20

20Java for Kids -- free 200 page eBook -- by respected Java developer0

21Lua book -- Game Development with Lua33

22Lua book -- Beginning Lua Programming26

23Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner -- making games with Python20

24Squeak: Learn programming with robots (book by Ducasse33

25Squeak -- A quick trip to objectland (book)40

26Python book -- Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame24

27Game programming with python, lua, and ruby17

28How Math Works -- 100 hands on projects for learning about math16

29Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math11

30Code Breakers Book Level B (teaches logic and simple algebra) | 13

31Free PC Software makes the Grand Old Strategy Games fun for 1-4 players | 0
32rat - a - tat - CAT / math card game -- fun!10

33Evolving Planet -- four billion years of life on earth (book)13

34book about Oceans14

35Lego Mindstorms NXT Zoo! book for building Lego robots16

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