942 allowed words in decodable texts that only uses short vowels
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Personally, I think this list is flawed in that it only uses short vowels, while also including advanced vocabulary.

I think a child would be able to learn long vowels before she or he learns a word like "bluff" or "tax".

Here are the allowed words used in the decodable texts from free-reading.net. I've made some corrections.
ax (instead of axe)

The table below lists all 942 allowed words:

  • 916 decodable, regular words and
  • 25 irregular words (shown in this font).
Allowed words

a absent across act add added address adjust admit adult

album along am America an and angry animal Ann ant

are arrest as ask at atlas attack attend attic ax

back backtrack bad bag ball bam ban banana band bang

banging banjo bank basket bat be bed bedbug beg begging

bell belly belt Ben bend bent berry Bess best bet

bib bid big bill billion Bing bit black blank blanket

blast blasted blastoff bled blend blended blimp blink bliss block

blond blot bluff blunt bob bobsled body bolt bong bonnet

boss box brag brand brass brat bred brick brig brim

bring brunt Buck bucket bud buddy bug buggy bulb bull

bullet bum bump bun bunk bunny bunt bus buses bust

but buzz by cab cabin camp camping can canal candy

cannon cannot can't cap capital carrot carry Cass cast cat

catnip clad clam clamp clan clap clasp class click cliff

cling clink clip clock closet clot club cluck clump clung

cobweb cog collect colt comic comma command con connect contest

cop copy correct cot cotton crab crack craft cram cramp

crank crept crib cricket crisp crop cross crust cub cuff

cup cut dab dad daddy daddy-long-legs dam damp Dan dandy

Danny deck den dent dentist desk devil did difficult dig

dim ding-dong dip dismiss disrupt disrupted dog doll Don Doris

dot draft drag dragon drank dress drift drill drink drinking

drip drop drug drum drunk duck dud dug dull dump

dunk dusk dust dusted egg elf elk Ellen elm else

empty end endless enemy exactly exit expanded expect experiment express

extra fabric fact fad family fan fang fast fasten fat

fed fell felt festival fib fig fill film fin fist

fit fix fizz flag flap flat fled fling flip flop

fluffy flung flunk fog for fox Fran frank frill frisk

frog from frost full fun funny fuss gag gallon gallop

gap gas gasp get gift gill giving glad gland glass

glint glum goblin God golf got grab gram gramp grand

granddad grant grasp grass grill grim grin grinned grip grump

grunt gulp gum gun Gus gust gut habit habit had

ham hand hang Hank happen happy hat have he held

hell helmet help helpful hen hid hidden hill him himself

hint hip hippo his hit hobby hog honk hop hot

hotrod huff hug hum hump hung hungry hunk hunt hunted

hurry hut I if ill in index Indian ink inn

insect insisted insisting insulted intend invent invented is it its

it's jab Jack jacket jacks jam Jan jazz Jeff jelly

Jen jet jig Jill Jill's Jim Jimmy job jog jolly

jug jump jumping junk just Ken kept kick kid kidnap

kill Kim kin king kiss kit kits kitten kitty lack

lad lag lamp land lap lapdog last lasted led left

leg lemon lending lens less lesson let level lick lid

lift lily limit limp linen link lip lipstick list lit

living lock loft log loss lost lot luck lug lump

lung Mack mad magnet man map marry mascot mask mass

mast mat Matt melon melt men mend merry mess met

metal Mick mid milk mill mink mint miss mist mitten

mix mob model mom mop mud muffin mug mum mumps

must nab nag nanny nap napkin nasty Nat neck Ned

nest net next Nick nip nips nit nod not nut

object odd of off often on one or ox pack

pal Pam pan panda pant pants parrot pass past pat

peck peg pen penny pep pest pet pick picnic pig

pigpen pill pin ping pink Pip pistol pit pity plan

planet plank plant planted plastic plenty plop plot plug plum

plump plus pocket pod pomp pond pong pop Poppy pot

prank press pretzel print prison problem prop public puff pull

pump punk pup puppet puppy puss put rabbit rack raft

rag ram ran rang rap rascal rat red rented rest

rested restful Rex rib ribbon Rick rid rig rim ring

ringing rink rip rob robin rock rocket rod romp Ron

rot rotten rub ruff rug run Runs runt rust rut

sack sad sag said salad Sam sand sandbox sandy sang

sank sap sat scab scalp scan scat scram scrap script

scrub self sell send sense sent set seven sick Sid

sill silly sin sing sink sinking sip sips sis sit

sits six sixty skid skill skim skin skip skit skunk

slam slang slant slap slat sled slept slick slim sling

slip slob slot slug slum slump smack smell smog smug

snack snag snap sniff snip snub snug sob sock sod

soft solid solve song sorry span spank spat sped spell

spend spent spill spin spirit spit splat splendid splint split

spot spring sprint spun spunk stab stack stamp stand standing

stem step stick sticky stiff still sting stink stock stomp

stop strand strap strict string strip strong struck strung stub

stuck stuff stump stun stung stunt sub suck sudden sum

sun sunblock sung sunk sunlit sunny sunset suntan swam swang

swell swift swim swimming swing swung tab tablet tack Tad

taffy tag talented tam tan tank tap taps tax Ted

tell ten tennis tent Tess test Texas that the they

this tick ticket till tilt tilted Tim tin tip

tiptop to Todd Tom top toss tot traffic tramp trap

travel trend trick trim trip trot truck trumpet trunk trust

trusted tub tug tummy tunnel tusk twang twig twin twist

twisted ugly umbrella until unzip up upon upset us van

velvet vent vessel vest vet visit wag wagon was wax

we web weld well went were wet wettest what wicked

wig wigwam will win wind windmill wing wink with yak

yap yell yes yet you yum Zack zap zen zigzag

zing zip

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