Alice community college textbook, $24, by Herbert
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A good choice for community colleges

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This book is an excellent choice for a course on Alice at the community college level. This was the second book published on Alice, according to the author. It assumes the reader knows nothing about programming.

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Title: an Introduction to Programming Using Alice
Author: Charles Herbert
Date: 2007

This book is a reasonable choice if you do not want to spend $50 for the best Alice book.

This book is designed to teach programming as the textbook for a course at a community college. The author himself teaches at a community college. Each chapter has review questions, and exercises.

However, it does not get very far.

For example, this is the first exercise of the last chapter (page 242).
1. Create an Alice world with four helicopters and a list containing the helicopters. Program the world to make the helicopters each lift off from the ground one at a time, then all turn and fly away together.

Each chapter has 2 to 5 tutorials. There are 8 chapters. chapter six has a tutorial on using say and think, and a tutorial on using the print instruction.

Chapter 7 teaches recursion.

Chapter 8 teaches data structures.

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The writing is standard textbook style, and is not particularly engaging.

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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