History of all the empires


How to treat your child's amblyopia -- my child went from legally blind to perfect eyesight

Math Magic, a great book for getting your child interested in math

Win $100 answering one geography question

Lua book -- Beginning Lua Programming

MIT-sponsored free science summer camp for high school juniors and seniors (RSI)

Take University of California, Berkeley courses online for free -- daily math questions, math worksheets

Code Breakers Book Level B (teaches logic and simple algebra)

How teachers have used Alice

Alice summer camps

Alice in Action book -- free code examples

Alice book -- by Tony Gaddis (best for teaching programming in a classroom)

Alice in Action book -- Computing through Animation

Greenfoot book -- Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot

Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math

book about Oceans

Alice community college textbook, $24, by Herbert

Free reading games for beginning readers from

How to teach kids programming by using Scratch from MIT

Java for Kids tutorial software ($20, free trial)

Teaching Java to kids -- a list of resources

Java for Kids -- free 200 page eBook -- by respected Java developer

Going to the moon (Greenfoot game) -- tutorial

Greenfoot Tutorials

Games in the Greenfoot Gallery -- Pacman

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner -- making games with Python

Alice book - Learning to Program with Alice -- book by Wanda Dann & Randy Pausch

programming Alice -- Lesson 1 -- alien robot teaches kid robot trick